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You can become anyone, If you really want it!

28. 7. 2018

The inspiring story of young photographer with a hearing impairment issues. Adam proves that every dream can come true if you really want this. He conquered every obstacle he had to meet in order to become a well-known photographer. He is currently documenting the first European Deaf Championships.

Could you please introduce yourself? Where you come from? How old are you and what is your name?

My name is Adam Kovac.  I was born in Bratislava in Slovakia and… I’m deaf. I’m 28 years old.

Why did you choose to become a photographer?

First of all, I’d like to say that I have an older brother who is also deaf. He became a photographer and was my role model. Because of him I became a photographer too and I started to be really interested in photography, as well as seeing fun in it.

How long are you working as a photographer?

It’s been nine years already.

Was it hard for you to become well-known in this profession?

Sure, it was hard. I used to check the websites of famous photographers and then I started visiting the exhibitions, making myself connections. Eventually when my communication with them was good, I started to collaborate with them, and I think that they helped me to become famous, to establish “my name” in a way

And what do you find the most interesting about the photography?

The most interesting things to me to photograph are those in the nature. I find it fascinating, but I also enjoy photographing weddings, sports events and basically all kinds of photography.

The best picture you have ever taken? The most memorable, career defining moment?

I think my best picture is from Austria. I sent that picture to the competition and I have won photo lab competition price, where my picture was competing against 94000 of other pictures. I have gotten the first place in one of the six categories. My reward was a first place in the landscape category.

Would you tell us more about yourself? Things that you like to do in your own time?

So, I spend most of my leisure time enjoying holidays. I love taking pictures just for fun, whenever I am travelling to different countries and cities. I also like to meet new people and of course book myself services for weddings, Christmas photography I enjoy that too.

What are your plans for the future?

I have a plan. I would love to see the world and actually travel around the world. That’s my dream.

Any advice for the young, upcoming photographers?

I see that kids nowadays are quite interested in taking pictures. They always have these phone cameras in their pockets, always taking pictures. So, I would say practice, practice and practice. That way the technical aspects of photography will eventually come to you and will be easier to learn when you have a lot of experience.

The toughest challenge you ever had to face as a deaf person?

Communication. Sometimes also the distance that I feel from people… That’s because they don’t know how to communicate with me.

Do you have any life motto or quotation you live by?

I don’t know if it’s valid, but I have a motto or saying, which kinds of defines me and it’s “My silent lens around the world”, but I’m not sure if it makes sense as a motto. On my website there is this motto somewhere, and also some pictures that I would love to show you. For example, the ones from the competition.  (Please visit https://www.adamkovac.com for more information).

Thank you so much for your time and I wish you all the best and even more successes in your career!


Photo: Predrag Lazarevski

Interviewer/ Author: Arek Ciechacki

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