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Fire at the storage. All Medals Burnt!

23. 7. 2018

 9:00 – Breaking news!

On 22nd on July 2018, there was a small fire in Trencin, in LOCO expo s.r.o.  The unfortunate event happened because of certain technical difficulties that company providing the storage for all the Championship medals had to face. The details are yet to be announced. 

The winners of the tournament will be announced tonight. The medals were original, and the solution is still not clear. Strings that the medals were attached to were damaged the most. The medals itself are still there, however the fire injury is visible – ‘they look dirty’ – says the event organizer Peter.

The organizers work really hard at finding the perfect resolution. Tonight, winners will receive diplomas with their names on it, as well as banquettes with big and beautiful flowers.

There are two ways that the issue can be determined; one is that the medals will be replaced, but it will unfortunately take some time. Tonight, there can be given substitute medals instead.

Next update in 2 hours.

11:00- Investigation Has Been Conducted!

One of the main event organisers Dusan D. said that the storage has active CVVS cameras; unfortunately, nobody saw the accident on time.

The police has already investigated the fire, and people's involvement has been ruled out. It was an accident!

The issue was purely technical, wires and lightining has failed.

The medals has arrived to the place in a demaged condition. Pictures below.


Arek Ciechacki