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The Exciting Turkish Team Spirit During The Championship

24. 7. 2018



One of the main things that catches the attention of Mladiinfo Slovensko’s EVS volunteers is the team support of the countries to the players. It was not possible not to notice the Turkish spirit and their enthusiasm during the matches. As one of the biggest teams in the Championships, they show constant team- backing. Although they had some very competitive and exhausting games, they stayed excited and motivated during the whole Youth Championship. As one of the sportsmen, Ali Özyalçın, says ‘winning the medal is our goal.’ He also says that the whole team is very-well prepared and believes in their power.


As one of the sportsmen, Ali  Özalçın , says' winning the medal is our goal. "He also says that the whole team is very well prepared and believes in their power.  

The Turkish team is also supported by their interpreters during the games in 
Trenčín . One of them, Deniz Tek, shares that works with people with disabilities is what she loves to do and that's the job that brings her sense of life-story. 'I have been raised in a family with deaf parents and the sign language is like my second mother tongue. I consider this as a great advantage that gave me the opportunity to be here right now. Turkey also got an injured player during the Youth Competition,  Ali  Özyalçın, who, unfortunately, lost his chance to participate in this Championship, but he will play during the Senior Games. This shows how motivated and dedicated he is and that without the support of his team, he would not have been able to recover as fast and continue in the Championships. 


Another Turkish player, Yağmur Gülbüz, 16 years old girl, is fulfilling the great excitement of her team by playing during the Youth European Badminton Championship 2018 for her first time. However, she has participated in the Senior Badminton Championship which was held in Switzerland in 2015. She shared a part of her life story and her motivation to be a professional badminton player. 'My sister used to play badminton when she was younger and she gave me the inspiration to start playing'. In her free time Yağmur mentioned that she loves reading books, running and studying. She admitted that combining learning and training is quite hard but when you have the will, you can do everything and there is nothing that can stop you. 

Turkey showed how well-prepared the team is for the games by coming to the finals of the Youth Championship. They presented a good strategy and collaboration during their matches with their coaches and their teammates. And they have high chances to win a medal during the Senior Games.

Interviewers / Authors:

Olivera Stojkova

Monika Tehrani