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The 1st European Youth and 8th Badminton Championships Has Officially Began

22. 7. 2018

 The event that everyone has been waiting for has officially started today, 22nd of July at 09:00 am. The beautiful city of Trenčín, Slovakia has the honor to host the Championships and everyone is more than excited for the upcoming matches which will be held from today until the 29th of July. 

A day before the official opening, on the 21
st of July, all the sportsmen with their coaches, the interpreters, media and journalism volunteers were given instructions and information on how the Championships will be conducted, the rules that need to be applied and information on schedule, time-tables and referee contact details were also provided. This meeting was organized so to make everyone involved in the Championships prepared, informed and given the chance to ask questions before the opening of the official event.

Today, on the 22
nd of July, The 1st European Youth and 8th Badminton Championships has officially started with the Slovak anthem. The opening ceremony was followed by speeches presenting the people involved in the event, hopes that everything related to the organizational part will run smoothly and everyone will enjoy their stay in Trenčín, Slovakia. As the chairmen of the Organization Committee, Peter Birka, says ‘’I hope everyone feel pleased and satisfied with their stay here’. Then the performance of the gorgeous cheerleaders brought even more excitement to the audience and cheered everyone up. The opening time of The 1st European Youth Badminton Championship was 09:30 am.


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Author: Monika Tehrani

Mladiinfo Slovensko