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Martin Bogard: From Badminton Championships Winner to the Technical Director

26. 7. 2018

His name is Martin Bogard and he comes from England. He used to play Badminton when he was younger, winning four gold medals, and one silver.

These days, Martin is responsible for the whole tournament. He is the person who has to provide all the necessary safe inspections, which includes making sure that every court is safe to play for every single player. He also has to organise the details with the city government. He is also arranging hotels for the stuff, coaches and players. His job also requires running through all the important checklists. He said that the preparation for this year’s tournament was going ‘good and without any trouble’. This year it was his third year working in Trencin, first time he arrived two years ago for European Deaf Badminton Championship.

As a player, his first championship was in 1990, and he kept playing until 2006. He said that he was always passionate about badminton and that was why he was playing this game, other than anything else. His career was full of accomplishments and accolades. On the question if he misses playing badminton he answered quickly – ‘Yes, for sure. I loved it so much, but unfortunately, I had massive back pains and couldn’t have continued playing this sport, or else I could end up on a wheelchair’. – That was the reason why he stopped playing badminton for a while.

When asked about his most memorable, and special moment he remembers from his sports career, he answered – ‘The one at 2002 in Switzerland. This was the championship in which I have won the golden medal. I didn’t expect it at all’. – Through thought whole interview he remained very modest and didn’t want to share his accolades until he was directly asked for it – ‘After winning the tournament I thought it was over for me, professionally. Because of my troubles with a back pain, I had actually quit playing badminton for a year. However, after that I felt athletic hunger to beat my own record and therefore I kept playing for another few years before stepping away definitely.

He was one of the people who helped setting up the first youth badminton championship – ‘The reason why I have decided to set up the first youth deaf badminton championship is because it was my dream to teach youth and give them the experience at the same time. I would really love to include them. Besides these championship, youth is also allowed to participate in competition for adults, but the strength between adults and teenagers can be really incomparable, which is I wanted to give them whole other chance.’ – Presumably because of his own struggles, he really wanted to give young people a chance that he never got when he was younger.

Even with no capability to hear other people, Martin is a very positive and funny person. He has been smiling through the whole time of the interview. He is hoping that the first deaf youth championship will be successful and will give whole new perspective to these young athletes.

Author: Arek Ciechacki