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Dmitry Sobolev: Badminton Is Not Only About Medals

24. 7. 2018


Badminton coach from Russia Dmitry Sobolev spoke about the main goals of the badminton game, why special separate games are needed and why cosmonauts are forced to play badminton.

Tell us about yourself, how did you become a coach?

I was born in a family with deaf parents; therefore, I have learned the sign language from birth. You know, these children like me are very surprised when they see that people use their mouths for communication. What? You speak with your mouth!? This is inconvenient; it is more convenient to communicate with signs!

In addition, in badminton, I involved myself accidently. I started to play football, but I saw on the field next to me, people play badminton. I felt immersed and couldn’t look away. This game is stunning and beautiful! Smoothness of movements, sharp jumps, twines.. Badminton. It’s used also in training cosmonauts! Because everything develops simultaneously: coordination of movements, this is a very strong burden on the body. When you play badminton, sometimes you feel like in weightlessness

What is the special feature of training deaf children?

The deaf sports have not been studied at all. There is no books nor teachers. We try to find and learn things for ourselves. I often hear that people say: "If these children have arms and legs, let them play in regular championships, why create separate ones for the deaf?". This is absolute nonsense. The absence of hearing affects the whole body: it is a completely different speed of movement, different coordination, everything is different!

What is the main goal of your work?

Of course, it is not only about medals or sports achievements. For coaches, the main thing is to help the deaf guys adapt to normal life. To help them to believe in themselves. The world of the deaf is very closed, deaf children often spend their entire lives among people like them. To come to these competitions, many children left their hometown for the first time in their life. For them it is an adventure!


Elena Kurshuk

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